Optimize your PC

All products in this category include a free consultation and diagnostic before you decide to buy

PC Optimizer Bundle


  • Optimizes your PC’s hardware and software in one product
  • You can expect your computer to run really fast


  • $79.99 for software and one hardware optimization: software plus SSD or RAM
  • $109.99 for all three: software, SSD, and RAM, plus cost of any hardware

Software Optimizer


  • I will clean up startup programs that take up resources.
  • I will delete programs that you don’t need anymore.
  • I will make sure all of your software are on the latest versions.


  • $49.99 in-person
  • $19.99 remotely (done over the phone with remote desktop software)

SSD Replacement


  • If you still have a spinning magnetic hard drive, it’s time to replace it with an SSD.
  • Your computer will start up faster, apps will start up faster, everything will be faster.


  • $49.99 plus the cost of the SSD (ranges from $30-200 depending on how much storage space you need)

RAM Upgrade


  • If your computer lags when you have multiple apps open, this is for you.
  • Think of RAM as short-term memory your computer uses only while running.
  • You can comfortably use more than one app


  • $49.99 plus cost of RAM (ranges from $30-200 depending on how much RAM you need)

Fix your devices

Joy-Con Drift Repair


  • If you’re tired of sending in your Joy-Cons to Nintendo and waiting or constantly buying new expensive controllers, this is for you.
  • I will replace the faulty stick in your Joy-Con with a brand new one within 0-1 business days.


  • $14.99 for one controller (save 62.5% from buying another one at $40)
  • $24.99 for two controllers (save 68.75% from buying two more at $80)

New Computer Setup

PC Build Bundle


  • You will have a free consultation with me to decide a budget and parts for your brand new desktop computer that I will build.
  • You can either purchase all the parts yourself and send them to me or have me purchase them and include that cost in the final bill.
  • I’ll install Windows and any software you would like preinstalled at no extra charge (see extra notes for cost of Windows).
  • I’ve built around 12 computers for various clients. All of them are very satisfied.

Extra Notes

  • Windows is not free software and the price of a license will be included with components.
    • The cost of a Windows license is usually included in pre-built computers, but to install it on a newly built machine, it costs $119 for Windows 10/11 Home.
    • This is Microsoft’s fault, not mine.


  • $149.99 fee for build, setup, and delivery plus the cost of components

Software Setup


  • Do you not want to go through the effort of setting up your PC or are you having trouble? I can help.
  • I’ll guide you through your device’s setup process and install any software you want.


  • $49.99


How do I sign up?

  • You must know me personally or know someone else who knows me personally. Currently, I’m trying to keep this business local as I have no physical location and I’m still in school.

What do you mean by plus extra stuff?

  • These are products that I don’t sell and must be bought separately.
  • I can’t list a specific price as there are plenty of options to get the job done. I can show you options and help you choose.
  • You can buy them, or you can have me buy them and add it to the invoice.

Why should I trust you over a different repair shop?

  • I’m not beholden to a retailer whose job it is to sell you products (looking at you, Geek Squad and Micro Center, although Micro Center is still a great computer store).
  • I don’t want to hide what I’m doing. Knowledge is power. I want to share exactly what I’m doing, and if you ask, how to do what I’m doing so you can fix your own things.
  • I know that if you’re satisfied, you will keep me in mind for another problem you need solved. We both benefit.

What if I need help with something that’s not listed here?

  • No problem. You can tell me a job you need done and I’ll give you a custom quote. If enough people want it, I might list it too.